Poppleton South Central: No Overall Control

Continuing the analysis of UCU NEC results, the big question is where the balance of power lies on the NEC. My reckoning is that the current NEC is made up of 31 Independent Broad Left, 25 UCU Left, and 4 independents. From June it looks as if the NEC will be IBL 27, UCUL 26, independent 5, and USS Briefs 3.

At subcomittee level, the figures are for HEC, 2018: 18/14/4/0 and for 2019: 14/19/4/3. On FEC, 2018: 13/11/0, and 2019: 13/7/1.

[My guess as to affiliations is based on endorsements and other information I was able to find, but probably overestimates the number of independents. As I get better information, these figures are liable to change so don’t plan your revolution using my numbers.]

[Edited 6 March 2019 to reflect better information]



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